Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam acquired by Lannoo Publishers

Audax Group today announces the acquisition of online bookstore BookSpot. BookSpot, with its in-depth e-commerce expertise and large collection of Dutch and English books, e-books, music, films and series and games is a valuable addition to the Audax Group.

Uitgeverij Lannoo Groep acquires Uitgeefhuis Nieuw Amsterdam (recently named Park Uitgevers). The Belgian-Dutch publishing house, which has been run by the Lannoo family for over 100 years, was looking for a way to further strengthen its position in the Netherlands. The family business saw this chance in Park Uitgevers, which is an important acquisition with the Nieuw Amsterdam, Wereldbibliotheek, Podium and Fontaine imprints. 

In the Netherlands, Lannoo already has a strong position with Lannoo Meulenhoff BV encompassing the publishers Meulenhoff Boekerij, Unieboek | Het Spectrum en Terra Lannoo. Yrja Danner, CEO LannooMeulenhoff: "With this acquisition we strengthen our position as an important player in general and literary books in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are a close-knit, dedicated and professional team, focused on sustainable growth with a personal touch."

Danner: "At Park Publishers, we see a similar atmosphere and approach. We gladly offer the authors of Nieuw Amsterdam, Wereldbibliotheek, Podium and Fontaine a home at LannooMeulenhoff and are looking forward to working on our growth together with the Park team. We have the utmost confidence in 2021 and beyond.”

Imme Rog, member of the Board of Directors of Novamedia, owner of Park Uitgevers BV: "Last year has been a good year for our publishers and the expectations for 2021 also look promising. Park Uitgevers is a beautiful and solid publishing house of which we are proud. Lannoo's approach may have been unexpected, but it fits our desire to focus on our core business, which is organising Postcode Lotteries in the Netherlands and abroad. In that context, the future of these beautiful imprints and of the skilled people is better safeguarded in a company that focuses exclusively on book publishing".

The acquisition of Park Uitgevers, with the entire staff, took effect on January 1, 2021. During the transition period, the current interim director Ruud Bakker will support the LannooMeulenhoff management where necessary. For the time being, the publishing house will continue to work from the Van Eeghenstraat in Amsterdam, where it is now located.