The Season of Big Wins

According to the American consultancy firm California Environmental Associates, the Postcode Lotteries are 7th in the top 20 maritime philanthropic funders for the period 2010-2016.

Spring is the season of big wins, with players in all of the Postcode Lotteries countries winning big prizes! 5 Short stories about winners in all the countries of the Postcode Lotteries.

Photo: winners of  Dutch KoningsKanjer 

UK winners.jpg
A couple scooped a six-figure sum in Great Britain

Great-Britain: British couple with nine children win £370,000

A couple with nine children between them scooped a six-figure sum in March’s Postcode Millions. They were among 1,100 neighbours in Chatham, England, who landed a share of the £3.7 million prize after ME9 was announced as the winning postcode sector last month.

The nine neighbours playing with the full winning postcode, ME5 9AN, picked up the largest cheques  – each winning £185,000 for every ticket played with.

67-year-old Robin White won an incredible £370,000, thanks to playing with two tickets. Speaking about his win, Robin said: "It'll take a while to sink in, I'm gobsmacked!"

He plans to use some of his winnings to get a long-awaited knee operation and commented: “It'll make a huge difference to my life."

Robin plans to treat the entire family too.Carol also has a few ideas of how to spend the winnings. She said: "We need to do the shower upstairs and then perhaps we'll have a nice holiday. A nice Caribbean cruise that we've always fancied.”

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Winners of the Grannyra (Photography: Svenska Postkodlotteriet / Eva Edsjö)

Sweden:  SEK 109 million to winners of the Grannyra

A sunny and cold Sunday in April saw 59 winners gather in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, to find out how much they’d won in the spring Grannyra.

When the winning postcode was revealed, cheers were heard as 16 winners, all living on the same street in Vasastan, Stockholm, became multimillionaires. Sharing half of the prize pot, SEK 54.5 million, in addition to their share in the total prize pot.

Their wish lists included travel, a balcony construction and summer cottages. Many of the winners also want to share the money with family, friends and charity. Several commented that they wanted to donate to non-profit organizations working in Ukraine.

Ulla Sebrant, 74 years old, won the biggest cheque - SEK 14,954,277. She was very happy when she seen her prize and exclaimed: “Oh, this is hard to imagine.”

“I just talked to a neighbour here and we are so happy and excited. I´m sure I have a lot to spend the win on and I’ll also donate some. I think a lot about Ukraine today, so I can help improve the world, I am happy to do so.”

Winners of Kjempegevinsten in Norway

Norway: Tears of joy above the Arctic Circle 

For the very first time, Kjempegevinsten landed in northern Norway – Kjempegevinsten is a prize of 10 million NOK that is drawn once every season.

In April, ambassadors Tom, Jorun and the crew travelled to Sørstraumen, a small village located between Tromsø and Alta, to visit the winners and hand out the Kjempegevinsten cheques.

Tears of joy and celebration in beautiful surroundings were the main ingredients for a great day, and Sørstraumen now has three new NOK millionaires and 14 happy winners in total.

Lucky winners Gerd and Elke are happy about their two 350,000 euro cheques (photography: Deutsche Postcode Lotterie / Wolfgang Wedel)

Germany: Childhood dream as couple win 700,000 euros

Lots of happy faces on a Wednesday afternoon in April as the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie team visited Lüdenscheid, to distribute 1.4 million euros: 294 lucky winners from the town in the east of North Rhine-Westphalia shared the monthly prize.

Husband and wife Gerd and Elke won 350,000 euros each.

Elke in particular could hardly believe her luck. Before the visit, the 56-year-old didn't even know that her husband had secretly bought tickets from the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie – now the happy couple are 700,000 euros richer thanks to their postcode.

63-year-old Gerd wiped tears from his eyes when he saw the prize and described it as “incredible.”

Elke went on to add: "Now we don't have to worry about anything anymore."

The two Lüdenscheiders don't know exactly what they will do with all that money but Elke said: "I have a great husband who I am happy with and a healthy son. I never really wanted more.”

Gerd, on the other hand, would like to go on a boat trip with his wife and maybe also fulfill a childhood dream. He said: "As a little boy, I always dreamed of having a model railway - now I have the time and the money."

186370_npl_wijkfeest_070522-005 (1).jpg
Happy winners in the city of Weert

The Netherlands: KoningsKanjer of € 36.7 million 

On May 1st, the winner of the first Postcode Lottery KoningsKanjer (‘King’ Kanjer) was drawn.

The End of Year Kanjer is a phenomenon in the Netherlands, but the KoningsKanjer, worth € 36.7 million, is completely new. That's why Nationale Postcode Loterij set up a big campaign, around the Kings’ birthday on April 27. No one could ignore the campaign.

The idea of the KoningsKanjer is one big party! The Kanjer truck has a festive appearance and tours the country with ambassador Gaston behind the wheel. “Maybe he'll drive into your street”, the commercial says.

One of the winners of the KoningsKanjer was Nancy and her husband Raymond. Nancy felt it was 'unreal' that after two years of setbacks they were now suddenly lucky. She said: ''I still can't fathom it.''

Raymond added: “I truly believe that my late parents and mother-in-law arranged that prize for us somewhere up there. And the nice thing is that almost the entire street is enjoying it.''