The Postcode Lotteries’ contribution to a better world for children


According to the American consultancy firm California Environmental Associates, the Postcode Lotteries are 7th in the top 20 maritime philanthropic funders for the period 2010-2016.

Saturday 20 November is World Children’s Day: a global day of action in support of children’s rights. Ahead of this day, Novamedia is highlighting some of the many ways players of the Postcode Lotteries are helping build a better world for every child.

Photo: Gehandicapte Kind (credit: Masja Stolk)

On World Children's day we celebrate children and their power to change the world. It also marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention for the Rights of the Child by the UN. How do players of the Postcode Lotteries support children?

Playgrounds for children with disabilities, the Netherlands
Many of the 100,000 children with disabilities in the Netherlands experience loneliness. Research shows that 85% of all children with special education needs have fewer friends. Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind started Speeltuinbende (playground teams). A playground team consists of parents and children who come together to play. Thanks to these playground teams, hundreds of children with and without disabilities have experienced how great it is to be able to play together.
The release of the first ‘play together package’
With Postcode Lottery support of €495,000 for Speeltuinbende XL the teams are expanding from 20 to 100 and will involve 2,500 families. New teams receive a Play Together Package of inclusive games, such as bubble blowing gloves and marble tracks that the children have to build together. The accessible playing environment breaks down social inclusion barriers and means everyone can get involved, have fun and make friends.

Players are helping make more inclusive places to play possible by supporting Speeltuinbende XL and SamenSpeelFonds, and the Jantje Beton and Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind programmes. This ‘Play Together Fund’ will ensure that all children with disabilities in the Netherlands can also play and have fun in a playground. The aim of the fund is to ensure that there is at least one collective play area in all municipalities that is accessible to all children, with or without disabilities.

The one-off award of €2 million helps make these playgrounds across the Netherlands possible.

Fighting for children’s rights, Sweden
With the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis, Bris - Children's Rights in Society supports children in vulnerable situations, mobilizes society and influences decision-makers for a society where every child knows his or her rights and where children’s rights are respected.

My turn to tell, a report from the Dream Fund winning project by Swedish City Missions and Bris
When children choose to seek support and talk about the difficulties in life, then there is hope because that is when change is possible. Over the years, that hope has been ignited in many thousands of children thanks to the support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. The support means that Bris can be there every day of the year for children in vulnerable situations who need support. It also means that Bris push for societal change where it is most needed, based on what children tell us.
"Thanks to support from Postcode Lottery, Bris can continue to fight for a better society for children," says Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris.
Sweden was one of the first countries to sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child as early as 1990. Since 2020, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been the law in Sweden.

Helping children learn when schools are closed, Britain
UNICEF is working to highlight the stories of children in Uganda who won’t return to school until January 2022, because of the pandemic.
Players’ support for UNICEF helps children learn when schools are closed

School closures have had a devastating impact on children and young people. 12-year-old Abigail said: "It makes me feel like I’m in hell, it has brought my life to be the worst that I have experienced". The 18-year-old Leju said: "All schools were closed. That really tortured us mentally and psychologically a lot. I was stranded, confused and lost hope because I didn’t know how I was going to resume my education." 

Thanks to players, we are able to support UNICEF’s education programmes around the world, which aim to keep children learning during emergencies, including during school closures due to COVID-19.

UNICEF has been able to support children’s learning both online and offline by providing education and life skills content as well as computers and loudspeakers, so lessons can be broadcast in communities without internet access.

Football meets culture, Germany
'Fußball trifft Kultur' ('Football meets culture') is an education programme from Litcam, an organisation which improves opportunities for children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and households with little educational background. With the combination of football, language, and culture it promotes the language and social skills of students, develops their learning behaviour and builds their self-confidence.

Girls during soccer training on the grounds of the Bundesliga club Mainz 05

As part of the programme, the children receive remedial lessons and soccer training twice a week from a youth coach of the local soccer Bundesliga club – including Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and 1. FC Köln. Cultural events take place around every four weeks, which could see the children visit a museum, a reading session or take part in a theatre workshop.

"We now have partnerships with 20 Bundesliga clubs and a total of more than 700 participating children," says LitCam director Karin Plötz. "And the Postcode Lottery contributed a lot to this success."

The Deutsche Postcode Lotterie has supported the project since 2016 with more than €600,000 to date.