Postcode Lottery Group annual results 2021 showcases year of 8% growth

Long-term unrestricted funding based on trust of extra significance during crises

According to the American consultancy firm California Environmental Associates, the Postcode Lotteries are 7th in the top 20 maritime philanthropic funders for the period 2010-2016.

Continuous engagement with millions of lottery-players paid off for the 3rd largest private donor in the world. The Postcode Lottery Group succeeded to increase the number of players and raised more funds than ever. That means more money to support the work of civil society organisations and thousands of projects. 

Photo: happy winners of the People's Postcode Lottery (Kenny Smith Photography)

Highlights 2021 of:

  1. Subscriptions: 13,6 million in 5 countries with 6 lotteries
  2. Revenue: record of EUR 2.3 billion from ticket sales, 8% growth 
  3. Prizes: EUR 869 million to prizes and gifts for players
  4. Charities: EUR 825 million donated to charities
  • every day all year-round EUR 2.2 million raised for good causes
  • donations to 1,161 charity organisations and thousands of social initiatives

Sigrid van Aken, CEO: “The Postcode Lotteries aim to be at the heart of positive change, delivering the funds and the collective power of our players. We are proud that over 13 million loyal players enjoy playing in the Postcode Lottery, winning with their neighbors and at the same time contributing to the work of good causes. The challenges of climate change and the situation in Ukraine, remind us it has never been more important to look out for each other and to unite. Civil society and non-governmental organisations are crucial to getting the necessary changes done, protecting human rights and ensuring that people can live in peace and freedom in their communities. Together we join forces to make this world a better place and support those in need.” 

She continues: “The Postcode Lottery’s multi-year unrestricted funding is based on trust and empowers social organisations. For those that address crises it enables them to redirect funding towards immediate needs when necessary.”

Strong vision
The Postcode Lottery Group operates lotteries in The Netherlands (where it also includes the VriendenLoterij), Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Norway. In total, 11.7 billion euros for charitable causes was raised since the start in 1989.

That is when the four Postcode Lottery founders had a strong vision, 'believing that the world is better off with a strong civil society' and started the Postcode Lottery-mission 'to raise as much funds as possible to support social organisations and charities, increase awareness of their work, and to promote new initiatives'.

Safe lottery for the benefit of society
The Postcode Lottery is among the safest lotteries in the market with many safeguards hardwired into its model and values. Find the Code of Conduct for Responsible Play here. The Postcode Lottery Group consistently calls for the recognition that Lotteries are for the benefit of society.

It is important that governments continue to distinguish safe Lotteries from high-risk games of chance, like commercial online casinos. With rules and regulations governments can protect the fundraising power of Lotteries and at the same time encourage a positive social contribution from the civil society.

The Annual Report 2021 (Financial Statement Novamedia) can be read/downloaded here.