Friederike Behrends appointed Geschäftsführer at Deutsche Postcode Lotterie

According to the American consultancy firm California Environmental Associates, the Postcode Lotteries are 7th in the top 20 maritime philanthropic funders for the period 2010-2016.

Friederike Behrends has been appointed Managing Director of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie from January 2022 and will complete the existing management team as the Chairman, next to Sascha Maas and Robert Engel. Friederike Behrends has extensive international experience and expertise in developing businesses, possessing in-depth knowledge in digital, media and sales business. 

Sigrid van Aken, CEO Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries: “We are extremely pleased to share this announcement. Our charity lotteries, with 13 million monthly players in 5 European countries now, have led to a total of more than 11 billion euros donated to charities, since the start in 1989. As an international, ambitious group of lotteries, we aim for even faster growth."

'Next phase of innovation'
Van Aken: "Recently we passed the magic 100 million euros donated to charity in Germany since its start five years ago. As we are entering the next phase of innovation, development and growth, we look forward to Friederike joining us and help accelerate on our exciting journey to reach our goals and ambitions on our mission to raise as many funds for people and nature as possible.”

Friederike Behrends: “I am excited to join this fantastic team with the great mission: “playing for a better world”. The German Postcode Team has already achieved a substantial reach in the German market with great partnerships, Lottery Ambassadors and the Beirat supporting many charities in Germany, thanks to the loyal players. I am looking forward to growing the business and social value and achieving the next level.”