HR Director Virginie Kuijer: ‘I prefer people to systems’



According to the American consultancy firm California Environmental Associates, the Postcode Lotteries are 7th in the top 20 maritime philanthropic funders for the period 2010-2016.

The Postcode Lottery Group is an international organisation which has continued to innovate and grow for over three decades. The same can be said for its HR strategy, as HR Director Virginie Kuijer explains in an interview with CHRO Magazine, a Dutch magazine read by HR professionals. Her department is responsible for the rollout of a new organisation-wide platform for team members.

The Postcode Lottery Group started 32 years ago with the Dutch Postcode Lottery and today, with six lotteries in five countries, more than half of ticket sales are achieved outside of the Netherlands. During that time, competition has become fiercer from offline lotteries, casinos and games. The Postcode Lottery Group wants to further strengthen its international position to continue its success and the significant amounts of funding it helps raise for charities.

'Increasingly crowded market'
This aim also applies to its HR strategy, says HR Director Virginie Kuijer, in her interview with CHRO Magazine. “The market in which we operate is becoming increasingly crowded. This is why we have an ever-increasing focus on collaboration with teams in the five countries where we are active about our group accelerating strategy. Previously, our lotteries operated individually however by increasing alignment across all departments we realise the benefits of local knowledge and expertise at an international level."

“For example, we want to develop multi-country television formats and we are increasingly developing marketing campaigns and tools that can be rolled out across different markets. The same applies to agreements with commercial partners and propositions for international media.”

With offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Düsseldorf, the Postcode Lottery Group wants to leverage its international strength and capability further in the future. 

Attract the best talent
Virginie added, “We want to provide and promote the flow of people and knowledge within our organisation. It is also important to highlight the international element of our work to attract and retain the best talent. With all of our lotteries largely the same, although permits and some activities differ from country to country, our aim is to bring greater alignment to our overall strategy – part of which is our HR approach and people management.”

A key part of this is the introduction of an international digital HR platform and employee experience, scheduled for later this year, for all 1,500 team members across the six lotteries. This organisation-wide platform will transform and streamline all HR processes."

“As an international employer, we want to attract, hire and keep top talent as well as offer a great experience and opportunity for those already working with us. That is why we believe that we are better when we work together, across one digital HR system with an employee experience that reflects our unique culture.”

People over systems
Software implementation for HR is an important project, which requires significant work from all HR teams. Virginie adds, “I like people more than systems. We have a great team and we have now grown to a size and scale where a custom solution like this is key for us in the long-term."

“Working on the development and delivery of this project at an international level is exciting and when completed, it’s something that will bring countless benefits to so many areas of HR and, indeed, the Postcode Lottery Group.”

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